Do you provide free estimates? Yes, we offer our customers free estimates both from blue prints and from on site measurements. You can request a quote here.

Do you provide installation? Yes, we provide both parts and installations.

Can you build my circular stair with a steel structure? Yes, we have a full metal fabrication shop along side of our wood working shop. We can put a steel undercarrage in your circular staircase.

Do you do commercial staircases? Yes, we can build both metal and wood staircases for commercial applications.

Do you do remodels? Yes, we have experience in all phases of the remodle process. We can tear out your old staircase and put a staircase back in its place that will make you proud!

Can you provide me a quote from my blue prints? Yes we can. Submit your blue prints here.

Do you manufacture spiral staircases? Yes, we are a full staircase and stair parts manufactor. We can make spiral staircases in wood or metal and deliver and install them.

Do you deliver? Yes, we provide delivery for orders over $1000 and within 75 miles of our shop in Liberty.

Why is your price more then this other stair companies? Usually if we are more then our competetors it is because they are not quoting you the same pieces we have or they have left out a great deal of items that will be required to finish your project that will show up on your final invoice. Give us a chance

What all does the "etc" include in your name? Currently we have a CNC Router so any custom wood working is on the table. Also we have currently started to produce some select solid wood toys and solid wood children's furniture.